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Principal's Message from Ms. Dismukes

Welcome to Birdielee V. Bright Elementary, the Best in the West!  Here we strive to have our students Soar to Excellence day in and day out.  Our goal is to have all of our students college and career ready.  We work towards this goal by teaching to the new Common Core Standards that allow our students to think critically and work collaboratively, just as they will have to do professionally in the near future.  Our dedicated teachers and support staff work diligently to ensure that our students engage in rigorous standards based lessons. We are proud of our students as they continue to show us their enthusiasm towards learning by working hard to achieve success in all areas of learning.


In addition, Bright also fosters a community where mutual respect and collegiality are cornerstones in education.  We know that it is our responsibility to not only hone our students' academics, but also their ability to interact positively in all settings.  We do this by stressing our 3 Bs on a daily basis.  Our students know that at Bright, they are expected to be safe, be responsible, and be respectful.  I feel fortunate to lead this inspirational group of individuals:  students, staff, and parents, and we look forward to the day when our Bright students return to show us their college acceptance letters.  Keep Soaring to Excellence, Bright Seagulls!  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!