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Schools for Advanced Studies (S.A.S.)

Mission Statement

Bright Elementary School for Advanced Studies is committed to developing life-long learners through a variety of challenging, intellectual experiences.

The School for Advanced Studies Program

The Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) are programs designed throughout the District which have been implemented to improve educational options and increase professional training to support the youth. SAS teachers and administrators are required to participate in professional development training.

SAS Student Outcomes are:

  1. Continuous progress based on ability and performance.
  2. Accelerated student performance.
  3. Development of independence and self-direction.
  4. Acceleration in a discipline or across disciplines.
  5. Increased use of technology for research and multi-media presentations.

SAS at Bright

We offer:

  1. A carefully selected, highly qualified staff that receives annual professional development.
  2. A differentiated curriculum that employs the concepts of depth and complexity in an effort to provide instruction with academic rigor.
  3. Clustered classrooms of highly gifted, high ability, and high achievers in Grades 1 through 5.
  4. Classrooms of rich in resource materials with access to many learning activities.
  5. A learning environment that meets the social and emotional needs of the gifted learner in a diverse multicultural setting.
  6. Technology used throughout the curriculum. Students are able to research, design and publish their work.


SAS Teachers
Contact Michelle Achille  Michelle Achille Teacher
Contact Oscar Aguilar  Oscar Aguilar Teacher
Contact Ruby Budo  Ruby Budo Teacher
Contact Helene Solomon  Helene Solomon Teacher
Contact Magdalena Villalobos  Magdalena Villalobos Teacher