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Enrollment Info

Enrollment Requirements

When enrolling your child, please be sure to bring a completed application to the office which includes:

1.  Completed application packet with an emergency card with 3 contact number including parents' work/cell number

2.  Guardianship verification:  Original California Driver's License, ID or Legal document with a photo and name of parent/guardian

3.  Child's age verification:  original birth certificate of passport only

4.  Address verification:  a bill from Gas, Electric or Water Company; Rental contract with name and address of Legal Guardian (No telephone bills or rent receipts.)

5.  Up to date Immunization Card

6.  Transfer from former school if applicable

7.  IEP if applicable

8.  Physical Exam (for first graders only)

9.  Oral Health Assessment (for Kindergarteners and First Graders only)

10. TB test for parent volunteer