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Bright's Vision and Mission

Bright Elementary School was previously named 36th Street School. 

Longtime former teacher, Birdielee V. Bright
Former Principal, Birdielee V. Bright

Bright's Vision Statement

Our school community is dedicated to creating an environment in which all members contribute to a balanced school experience that is developmentally appropriate, rigorous, motivational, and socially supportive.  All students will have access to the common core curriculum to support them so that they are college prepared and career ready.

Bright's Mission Statement

Bright Elementary School fosters the belief that the purpose of education is not only to produce the leaders of tomorrow but to develop rational, functional and productive citizens capable of making sound decisions.  Bright Elementary will incorporate technology as a natural part of education to support and enrich the curriculum and to ensure that all students will have the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge that are required to successfully achieve and to become productive citizens.

We believe that by using technology as a tool, the students can:

  • Improve academic achievement.
  • Improve self esteem.
  • Improve language acquisition and development.
  • Improve communication skills and consistently apply the process skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, in all curricular areas.
  • Improve ability to apply comprehensive skills across the curriculum.
  • Improve ability to think critically and to solve problems.
  • Improve test scores.

By using and facilitating student's use of technology as a tool, teachers can:

  • Improve instructional strategies to increase student achievement.
  • Assess and monitor student's progress and communicate progress to parents.
  • Learn to modify and enhance instructional delivery and strategies to meet the needs of the students.